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Israel once supported the Kurds – but then left them in the lurch

Thousands of Kurds were killed and another 100,000 were forced…

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Here’s why I love Oman’s National Day

Tone Delin Indrelid shares Oman’s 47th National Day celebrations in…

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Meet Mattan Helman, Israels’ latest refusenik

"An army that occupies an entire people group is not…

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Brain drain in Lebanon: High outflow of university graduates hits the country’s economy hard

About one third of young Lebanese finishing a university degree…

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IN PICTURES: Olive harvest in Gaza

In Palestine, the month of October means olive picking time!

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From rocks to agriculture – the ingenuity of the Omani Aflaj system

Tone Delin Indrelid discovers Oman's ancient aflaj system, an ingenious…

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It was we Americans that broke the deal, not Iran

"It was the United States that elected a president with…

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The Sultanate of Oman? Isn’t that just another sandpit in the Gulf?

Oman is a gem, with lots to offer; besides sand.

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How two besieged towns became the symbol of Hezbollah’s rise to power in the Syrian conflict

The story of how the Shiite militant group established a…

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