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Israel once supported the Kurds – but then left them in the lurch

Thousands of Kurds were killed and another 100,000 were forced…

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Hamas’ new charter and Meshaal’s gamble on the losing horse

Meshaal made a gamble on moderation, but he gambled on…

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Fayrouz Sharqawi: “The revolution will not be funded”

Why a Palestinian grass-root is rejecting foreign funding.

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Bedouins – the backbone of Jordanian culture

Did you know that the Bedouins of Jordan are often…

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Indiana’s first mosque? Syrian Shi’a Muslims in Michigan City

Michigan City, Indiana, was likely the site of Indiana’s first purpose-built…

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Pizza Hut Israel mocks Barghouti and the hunger strike

"Barghouti, if you are going to break the strike, wouldn't…

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Khaldi Twins: Gazans’ time out!

Here are some activities we as Gazans were able to…

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WATCH: On Israel’s Independence Day, thousands march for Palestinian right of return

The march was held in the Negev to support the…

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LGBT rights in Lebanon: A silent revolt

Lebanon is an interesting and progressive case for LGBT rights…

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