Stories“A state for both of them”

“A state for both of them”


I met this cool, older Palestinian guy sitting in a chair near Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. He’s the kindda guy who looks just like a storyteller, and I was right about that thought.

Around him were gathered a group of youngsters from all over the world who were listening excitedly to what the older man had to tell. His stories were many, and despite a couple of Israeli soldiers standing next to him, listening with, he seemed fearless and had this intentional ‘provocative’ tone while talking. I liked this man.

When talking about a peace solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he had one, very interesting comment. “Israelis and Palestinians both need a secular, democratic state in order to have peace. A state for both of them.”

This was even more interesting to hear, considering that just one day earlier, I met this other Palestinian Guy in the Omar Mosque, located on the other side of the Old City of Jerusalem, who had a complete opposite opinion on this matter. He believed a caliphate, consisting of all historic Palestine, was the only solution for this problem

What these two guys had in common though, was their shared opinion position on the meddling of the US and the West in general. Someone who they believed should not interfere in the conflict at all.

It was in particular this older guy who was very firm in his believe on this matter:

“You guys are obviously not representing your governments. European governments and the government of the US can go fuck their mothers”.

24, Danish by birth, Afghan by blood. Studying Hebrew, Middle Eastern Studies at Copenhagen University. My main focus is on Israel and the Palestinians, with an emphasis on Israeli society, history, and culture, in addition to own travel stories.

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