AnalysesAlgerian newspapers after Paris attacks: “We’ve warned you”

Algerian newspapers after Paris attacks: “We’ve warned you”



Following the Paris attacks, Algerian journalists and politicians reminds France about Algeria in the 90’s and how at that time Algeria had warned the international community about terrorism as an international plague.

“The pictures we’re seeing reminds us of a bloody and dark time in our history, where we lost more than 200.000 Algerians, and unfortunately, we stood alone, without France’s natural sprit of solidarity”, said the chief editor of El Watan. He adds; “Our country was isolated, and no one shared our pain and suffering against extremists financed by Saudi Arabia and Iran.”

In the Liberté Newspaper, Mustafa Hammouche wrote: “The bloody Paris attacks is a retaliation for France’s commitment to fight international terrorism”. The author added; ”Sadly taking distance from the Algerian black decade didn’t spare France from getting attacked by terrorism”.

In the Arabic speaking newspapers, we find Elkhabar leading with “ISIS transpose its ‘holy war’ to France”, while for Echorouk, the retired Army General Abdelaziz Medjahed says; ”France played with fire and got burned. All of this is due to the French Politics.”

Two Algerians were killed in the Paris attacks, while an Algerian was held by the German Police for being suspected of having information on the attacks.

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