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The Forgotten Arab Spring in Algeria



This year marks 27 years since the Algerians changed their history. The consequences of October 5 1988 riots’ were considerable and Algeria still live them today – the collapse of the one-party regime, the first free elections, the Islamist party won, a coup d’état, the black decade.

The sequence is well-known and unfolds over more than one decade. Yet the spark of this forgotten revolution was when Algerian youngsters who went out protesting, denouncing the FLN (the one controlling party) and the Hogra (Injustice).

The people’s army came out of its barracks, treacherously, fired on the people, and killed more than 500. But October 5 1988 was also, somehow, the first “Arab Spring”.

In memory for those brave people who lost their lives trying to peacefully seek “Freedom and Dignity”.

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