Meet Algeria’s Female Taxi Driver: Taxi Chouchou

Meet Algeria’s Female Taxi Driver: Taxi Chouchou



28-years-old, here is the first ‪‎Algerian‬ woman participating in the international motorbike rally – “Sahari 2015”, where she drove 2,600 km in the Algerian desert.

“Women like you should be ashamed”, “Women like you are the ones who destroyed the values of our society” – these are among some of the reactions “Taxi Chouchou” (“favourite Taxi”, in French) has received – a nickname she chose for her job – as a (you guessed it) taxi driver. Despite the fact that she isn’t doing something extraordinary, Chouchou prefers to keep her real name hidden for security reasons, she told Algerian-French newspaper “TSA-Algérie”.

Although she tries to ignore all the threats, verbal abuses, and sexual harassments – in what is considered a “man’s job” – three weeks ago, a man attacked Chouchou in daylight while she was driving through a neighborhood in Algiers.

On her Facebook page, she posted a picture of her bleeding nose and lips writing; “First physical abuse”. The picture went viral quickly, but to her disappointment the Algerian authorities still didn’t bring the guy to justice.

Today Chouchou is famous on Algerian social media. As she travels throughout Algeria, driving people around and posting pictures of her destinations and cities that she visits, she is in her own way promoting inner tourism inside the country.

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