Camilla Toftlund



Focus: Culture and society in Jordan

Based in Amman since 2013. My passion for the Middle East started when I as a geeky 10-year-old spent most of my time reading and watching documentaries about ancient Egypt. After my first visit to Egypt in 2003, I was drawn to the region, its peoples and the Arabic language. I ended up enrolling myself in the University of Copenhagen back in 2010 and throughout the last couple of years, I have primarily been doing research on Palestinians in Jordan and the notion of Palestinian identity. I have also been exploring minorities such as Iraqi Jews in Israel and the Circassians of Jordan and Turkey through my studies. My main interests are people and the notion of identity, language, religion, and culture. I'm curious of nature and I pursue to base my experience and knowledge on more than books and articles, which is why you can usually find me out and about, exploring new areas and looking to engage in conversations with people. I speak the Arabic Levantine dialect fluently and I master a good selection of the local dishes, including the Jordanian national dish mansaf. Through my articles for The Turban Times, I will aim to show the cultural and social diversity of Jordan. It is safe to assume that most of my articles are written while sipping a cup of cardamom-infused coffee or puffing on an argileh.