Who are we?

The Turban Times is a blog-based web magazine founded and driven by mainly young Middle East and Europe-based students and journalists passionate about human-focused storytelling via alternative and creative use of media, with an emphasis on the wider MENA region and its peoples – from Turkey to Yemen, Morocco to Afghanistan.

Launched in 2016, our blogazine project aims to nuance, humanize and provide a fresh and balanced alternative to the dominating war and conflict-focused coverage by putting to light stories, perspectives, and ideas that don’t usually reach the mainstream when about these regions – in new and alternative ways.

Main topics that we cover include youth, minorities, feminism, activism, society, culture, human rights, and more, and though our main focus lies on the Middle East, we also cover North African and Central Asian countries.

How do we work?

Ranging from media professionals and academics to primarily students, bloggers, photographers, citizen journalists, activists, and artists, our relatively small, volunteer-based team (most living in the region) consists of passionate storytellers of all backgrounds – each with their own area and topics of focus, all with an objective of sharing untold stories and perspectives that they deem important.

Our blogazine project is also an experimenting one, meaning we are trying out alternative methods of telling stories. In addition to our Blogger Universe, an essential element of our website, we also focus on producing professional journalism. We publish everything from commentary, features, reviews, interviews, political cartoons, historical and academic entries, multimedia, and news reports.

Engaging both outside and in particular local writers, our blogazine offers a wide range of perspectives.

Get involved

Our project is driven mainly by volunteer-based students and so we’re always looking for more people to join in. We’re open to support and cooperations of any form.

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