Noa Bar



Focus: Israeli-Palestinian history and relations

Born and raised in Israel, currently based in London where I am completing my Bachelor’s degree in history and politics. I grew up during the second intifada and the US invasion of Iraq, so writing about Israeli-Palestinian relations and history was an obvious choice to me. I always aim to comprehend my experience and the conflict’s impact on my life in the context of “The Other’s” narrative. Studying abroad, I am struck time and time again by the superficiality characterising the study of the Middle East, and particularly of Israel and Palestine, dominating the media and academic discourse. I aspire to convey the complexity of lives of Israelis and Palestinians, challenge the prejudices surrounding the discourse about the Middle East, whilst undermining the dehumanisation of civilians through academic writing and through my blog, Smolaneet. I wish to use personal narratives to evoke empathy and unity, rather than hate, bringing the two peoples together through the emphasis of shared experience and common future.