Sarah L. Page


Focus: Refugee and migrant rights

I'm British and a BSc Hons Psychology graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London. I sought to highlight the important issues that I care about, specifically refugee and migrant rights, with my love of storytelling. In the past, I have researched and assisted in the production of documentaries and since 2015 have been based between Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, and Beirut working with international humanitarian and development organisations. I work within communications and try to use a variety of tools – writing, photography, audio, film, social media – to provide a platform for the unheard, unjust stories that don't make the headlines. I've focused upon the plight of African asylum seekers in Israel, the majority from Eritrea and Sudan, and how their human rights are often infringed. In Europe and the MENA region, I focus on counter-narratives and providing positive images of refugees to balance the pervasive negative images that we see.