Country of focusLibya Title: Journalism student Contact:
I am a 22-year-old journalism student, born and raised in the heart of Denmark (Copenhagen) with an Arabic background – Tunisian mother, Libyan father. I've spent the past year traveling to develop the being I call myself and create personal life experience. I believe that traveling makes you wiser on so many levels than reading thousands of books. Journies across the planet is a big part of who I am. As far back as I can remember, I've always had a huge interest in journalism, but it grew significantly during the Arab revolution, when I found myself in Libya. At that time, in those moments, I saw the importance of communication and what good journalism really is and how bad it really can go if journalists do not meet the specific requirements of good journalism. Unfortunately, I also believe that there are too many 'bad' journalists who disseminate wrong information and stories through various media sources and thereby create more hatred and chaos in the world. Rather than just sit and complain about how bad the media is, I try to do something to change it by communication and by writing the unheard stories - and thus get all voices heard. Through The Turban Times I get to write and show other sides of the Arab world which the media do not show. My main focus will be on Libya. GO TO ARCHIVE