Salma Abdurrazag


Focus: Women's rights, humanitarian crises, Israel-Palestine conflict

My name is Salma Jamal Abdurrazag Al-fitouri, I am 24 years old and born in the heart of Denmark – Copenhagen, with roots from both Tunisia and Libya. I study journalism and international relations and have studied in Denmark and London. I have done journalistic work in the shape of writing articles and producing podcast about various topics.

My passion for journalism grew in 2011, where I found myself in the middle of a huge historic breakthrough – the Arab Spring in Libya. In those moments, I saw the importance of communication and how important journalistic perspective is for the final outcome. If journalists do not meet specific requirements of acceptable journalism in terms of ethics, I am convinced it will have disastrous consequences. I believe that genuine journalism based on sincerity can change and empower people’s lives and societies and reduce injustices against marginalized people.