The Turban Times nominated for the Nairobi Award

We are honoured to announce that The Turban Times was nominated for the prestigious, Danish Nairobi Award 2018 – an award presented annually by the Nairobi Club, a forum for professionals and media people working with communication and journalism about development assistance, global development, and foreign and developmental issues in Denmark and internationally.

Journeying into 2018, our hard-working and passionate team, motivated by an already fruitful past year, went in excited and fully committed to continue developing our growing magazine and achieving our goals.

Six months of sweat, tears, and concentrated efforts in relaunching our media project culminated in a fresh, new website, an office space in central Copenhagen, new writers and partnerships, and a strong, upgraded journalistic vision.

Receiving the news of the nomination of our media project for the Nairobi Award 2018 therefore plays an important, energizing factor in our team’s continuing efforts and confirms us strongly in the belief that The Turban Times, after just two years of existence, is on the right path and that our project is of relevance and interest.

A huge thanks to our dedicated, strong team, consisting of passionate storytellers from all backgrounds, each with their own focus, all with an objective of sharing untold stories and perspectives that they deem important to the wider public.

And a grateful thanks to Ole Reitov – former Executive Director and co-founder of Freemuse, an international organization advocating and defending artistic freedom – for nominating us and for his continuing support, counseling, and belief in our project:

“The Turban Times is a blog-based web magazine founded and driven by young idealists working to nuance our view of people and events in one of the world’s most conflict-affected areas – the MENA region and its surrounding areas. In two years, the young journalists and students have developed a magazine worth reading and established important contact with writers from the entire region. A valuable and fresh initiative in the Danish media world, with an ambition of reaching a global audience.”

Masih Sadat,