In PicturesReviewIN PICTURES: UNRWA’s People Behind the Numbers exhibition

IN PICTURES: UNRWA’s People Behind the Numbers exhibition


UNRWA exhibition on Palestinian refugees, at the “Danish House in Palestine” in Ramallah.

“Since its foundation, UNRWA has gathered numerous photos and films covering most aspects of the lives and history of Palestine refugees.

65 years after UNRWA’s foundation, there is a risk that the history of the Palestine refugees will only be seen as numbers and statistics. But it is important to remember that it is also a story of individuals and generations creating a life for themselves with all it entails. Life Between the Numbers is a testament to the everyday life of Palestine refugees from the early sixties up until the nineties.”

Pictures by Masih Sadat/The Turban Times


24, Danish by birth, Afghan by blood. Studying Hebrew, Middle Eastern Studies at Copenhagen University. My main focus is on Israel and the Palestinians, with an emphasis on Israeli society, history, and culture, in addition to own travel stories.

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