Blog EntryIn VideoNews ReportIsraelis and Palestinians protesting bombing of Aleppo: “Yalla irhal ya Bashar!”

Israelis and Palestinians protesting bombing of Aleppo: “Yalla irhal ya Bashar!”


Israelis and Palestinians joined together tonight in front of the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv to protest the bombing of besieged Aleppo, organized by the Israeli Committee for Humanitarian Aid to the Syrian People.

Several Jews and Palestinians showed up and speeches were held in Arabic, Hebrew, and in Russian by the Russian Jews who held signs with Putin’s face, saying “Syrian Murder”.

“The world was silent when Hitler bombed Guernica in 1937. The silence gave Hitler the cue needed to initiate World War ll, in which at least 50 million were killed. Aleppo tests the ability of democratic leaders to end atrocity. If the lesson of Guernica is not applied, the fall of Aleppo will be a fall for humanity as a whole, a prologue to future wars.”

Video article that I co-produced on the protest (in Hebrew):


24, Danish by birth, Afghan by blood. Studying Hebrew, Middle Eastern Studies at Copenhagen University. My main focus is on Israel and the Palestinians, with an emphasis on Israeli society, history, and culture, in addition to own travel stories.

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