In PicturesIn VideoIN PICTURES: Israelis and Palestinians march for peace and justice

IN PICTURES: Israelis and Palestinians march for peace and justice


The era of a Palestinian state is over,” said Naftali Bennet, Israeli Minister of Education and leader of the HaBayit HaYehudi party, on Wednesday after Trump became President-elect.

These Palestinians and Israelis believe otherwise, as they march for peace and justice against the occupation, in a protest organized by the joint Palestinian-Israeli activist group, Combatants for Peace.

Standing together against the occupation – Jews and Arabs are not enemies, there is another way!”

Pictures and videos by Masih Sadat/The Turban Times:
 Interview with Spokesperson of Combatants for Peace:
Photo series:


24, Danish by birth, Afghan by blood. Studying Hebrew, Middle Eastern Studies at Copenhagen University. My main focus is on Israel and the Palestinians, with an emphasis on Israeli society, history, and culture, in addition to own travel stories.

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